2020 – 2021 RCBA Barristers Elections

Only Barristers who have attended at least three (3) events this past year are eligible to vote. Voting will be closed by end of business day on July 20, 2020.

In accordance with our Bylaws, Goushia Farook and Paul Leonidas Lin will automatically assume the office of President and Immediate Past President, respectively, for the 2020-2021 term.

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Michael Ortiz

“Ask not what Barristers can do for you, but what you can do for Barristers.” My name is Michael Ortiz and I a running for President-elect. The Barrister’s organization is near and dear to my heart. When I moved back to Riverside after law school out-of-state, I did not have any friends in the Riverside legal community. It was through Barristers that I met and became great friends with many like-minded attorneys, and it is because of Barristers that I truly feel at home here in the Riverside legal community. The value of the friendships I have made is priceless, and as President-elect and future President my goal will be to make sure all new and young attorneys in Riverside get that same feeling of friendship and feeling at-home in the Riverside legal community.


David P. Rivera

Hello Barristers! 

I am our incumbent Treasurer and I am thrilled at the prospect of continuing in this position for the next administrative year.  I am a solo practitioner of business transactional law, building upon a prior career in accounting and auditing. This experience has aided me in my duties as Treasurer and served the Barristers well in the areas of record keeping, tax reporting, internal controls, and decisions related to our business organization.  I believe my experience will continue to aid us in the coming year.  Moreover, I hope to continue to pay forward—in an official capacity—the warm welcome I have received from the Barristers since I was first introduced to our group. 

Win or lose, I look forward to seeing you soon!


Alejandro Barraza

Hi Everyone.

I am running for the Secretary and Member At Large Position. I am not wizard. I finally watched all of the Harry Potter movies. So good. I am Criminal Defense Attorney. I am also a Board Member of the HBAIE and APALIE. Two years ago, I joined organizations to meet, provide encouragement, and learn from others. Two years later, I’ve made friends, helped our community, and I am a much better attorney. As member at large, I am hoping to continue helping new attorneys entering Riverside, while, of course, having fun. Hoping to see you all soon. 

Lauren M. Vogt

I am honored to have been nominated to continue to serve on the Riverside County Barristers Board. I love being able to participate with my fellow bar members in helping our community and feel that I will be able to do even more in this position. As an Inland Empire native, I strive to give back to the community I am so proud to call home.

I am an associate attorney at Rizio Lipinsky, practicing personal injury and employment law. I received my Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from California State University of Fullerton. I also received my Juris Doctor from University of La Verne, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

I am an active and engaged member of the Inland Empire community where, in addition to my service as a member at large of the Riverside County Bar Association Barrister, I also serve as a member at large of the Consumer Attorneys of the Inland Empire and Inland Empire Representative for Consumer Attorneys of California New Lawyer’s Division.


Ankit Bhakta 

Hi everyone! I joined the Barristers Board last year as a way to get more involved with our community and get to know the incredible attorneys in our city. My fondness for drinking events was an obvious additional factor. Having just got my feet wet in my first year on the Board, I am hoping to re-join and build on the events we discussed, which were significantly impacted by the pandemic. Please vote for me for Member-At-Large, so we can keep the good times rolling and plan out some amazing educational, charitable, and social events for everyone this coming year!

Braden Holly 

Kevin E. Collins

Hello! My name is Kevin Collins. I joined the Riverside legal community in 2019. I met the Barristers Board through RCBA’s New Attorney Academy. At my first happy hour, I tentatively approached this diverse group of fashionable, young intellects (fear-sweat beading on my forehead, of course) only to be embraced immediately and handed a clean figurative cloth to dab my forehead. Every board member was modest, fun, friendly, casual, and endlessly accommodating. It would be an honor to join their ranks and make new attorneys feel as welcome in our small community as I do.

Patty Mejia     

Brigitte M. Wilcox

Greetings! I am Brigitte, baby lawyer and crazy cat lady. The Barristers appeared at the first fateful New Attorney Academy meeting and lured us into their mysterious gathering with talk of drinks and appetizers, and I haven’t looked back since. They proved to be a community of amazing and compassionate young attorneys who support each other through the challenges of navigating a new rewarding career. I truly enjoy and appreciate their events and the resulting interpersonal connections and hope that, as a board member, I can contribute to and perpetuate the culture of camaraderie and inclusion, so the next wave of baby lawyers can have the same opportunities to experience the awesomeness of the Barristers that this board has bestowed upon me.